First Days in Nigeria - From JFK to Aba to Port Harcourt

This page contains pictures and text from our first 2 emails that were sent out from Nigeria.

We met up in Lagos late on Saturday.  Here we are fixing the flat tire on the way to the Lagos Airport on Sunday morning before flying to Owerri.  The spare tire was under most of the luggage, so we had to unpack the taxi.  Then the jack couldn’t lift the car high enough to change the tire, so we had to dig a hole under the old tire to get it off and put the new one on. 

Just outside of the Lagos international airport, there is a large Mosque and a large Church built right next to each other.  It is rather symbolic of the way of life in Southwest Nigeria with Muslims and Christians living side by side.  

This is our cozy hotel room in Aba.  We stayed here for about a week before moving into the guest house at the YWAM campus in Port Harcourt.  After we find an apartment, we will move back to Aba.

You might have heard the news that the people of Nigeria are on strike against the government.  This has slowed our progress in planning our move to Aba.  Traveling around is a lot riskier and many businesses are closed.  So far, the protest has been peaceful, but we have been approaching the situation carefully.  Please pray for a peaceful restoration and transition as the new Nigerian Government takes over. 


In the last couple of weeks (prior to the strike), Cindy and the children have been able to venture from the YWAM campus and take public transportation to Aba.  They have been helping Eric get the apartment ready for us to move in.  In fact last Saturday a large group of students from the Discipleship Training School (DTS) from YWAM took the missionary van to Aba and helped us clean and paint.  Afterwards, we took them to the Bible School to meet Uzomah and enjoy a meal of rice jollof that Uzomah’s wife had prepared as a reward for the students’ sacrificial work. 


Elijah is getting a bath at the guest house.  We have had a lot of rain the last few days and it has cooled things off significantly.  Elijah’s heat rash is almost gone.  One of the power generators has been fixed, which means we have electricity for a larger portion of the day and we can use the fans to help circulate the air.

The children have made good friends with Paula and Victoria.  They are children of the director here at the YWAM base.  Here they are doing crafts at the dining room table of our guest house.
The children have made good friends with Paula and Victoria. They are children of the director here at the YWAM base. Here they are doing crafts at the dining room table of our guest house.

During the past week, Eric had the opportunity to be the guest speaker for the week for the DTS students.  The topic was missions and evangelism.  Next week the students are preparing to leave for a three-month outreach.  It was beneficial for the students and for Eric as well.  It was the first time he had done such a thorough teaching on that particular subject.  At the end of the week, one of the students said he wants to share the Gospel of Jesus to the Muslim Nations in Africa – even if it costs him his life.


As the DTS is preparing for outreach, another class of DTS students is just returning from their outreach in Togo.  We found it interesting listening to their testimonies.  We have been hearing reports from “Western Missionaries” for years as they travel to Third World Countries.  Now we got to hear reports from Missionaries that are sent out from a Third World Country.  It turns out that the reports are very similar to the ones that we usually hear.  “Wow, I can’t believe how receptive the people are to the Gospel.  We need more workers sent out as missionaries to other countries.  Things are cheap in Togo.  Nigeria is wealthy compared to Togo.  We were like celebrities everywhere went.”


Thank you for all your prayers,

The Blacks