July 2015 Newsletter

Here is a 10 minute slideshow (put to music) that encapsulates our last few years in Nigeria.

We are in our last days of our furlough in the USA. We’re packing, making some last minute visits, and other logistical activities. Our time away from Nigeria has been fruitful and restful. Our entire family is anxiously anticipating another few ambitious years of service in Nigeria before another family visit to the USA.


We praise God for His faithfulness to provide. We had borrowed about $11,000 to pay for our airline tickets and it added stress to our fundraising efforts. The airline tickets have now been taken care of and we are heading back to Nigeria with plenty of awesome supplies for our family and for the school in Billiri. Our budget finally broke even with only a few days before our departure.


Please pray for:


· Naomi’s foot to heal: she broke 3 bones with less than a week before we travel. We took her to a doctor to get her patched up well enough to get us to Nigeria. We know an orthopedist in Jos who can provide ample care for her on that side.


· Good health for all of the family: traveling is getting easier now that we are out of the baby phase, but it is still quite the operation to get all 7 of us to Nigeria with our entire luggage. As a praise report, British air is allowing free baggage of 4 bags per ticket. That’s a total of 35 bags including the carry-on bags. Now we need His grace & strength to carry it.


· Favor with immigration, customs, and any government officials we encounter between here and our final destination


· Security in Nigeria: the military actions against Boko Haram have been fairly successful. However, they are still responsible for random violence in various parts of Northern Nigeria. We also received word that armed robberies in some areas have increased in recent times.


· Vision & Direction for our ministry: After arrival, we will take some time pray, evaluate the condition of our school during our absence, and lay out a general agenda on how to move forward.


We have the utmost gratitude for all of the generous prayers and support. Many of you made great sacrifice to help us. We recognize that and are humbled to be the instruments that God uses to invest those resources in the Kingdom of God in Nigeria.



Eric, Cindy, & kids

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