December 2015 Newsletter

No Caption Necessary - the picture says it all.
No Caption Necessary - the picture says it all.

We knew this was coming long ago. It's hard to imagine that a few years ago we were still changing diapers (Naomi's, not Hannah's - that was more than a few years ago). We are very happy for Brandon and Hannah. We've known Brandon since 2010 when his YWAM outreach team from Pismo Beach, Ca came to Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He was also Eric's classmate in the School of Biblical Studies in 2011. For about 6 months, he was the only other westerner besides us at the Port Harcourt YWAM campus. Brandon and Hannah have been courting since Hannah went back to the USA in 2013.

Sorry that there are no more pictures. Our camera battery charger broke. We will have another one within a few weeks.


We are now preparing for our next 5-month discipleship school. We will start on Jan 17. We are expecting about 12 to 15 students. This is the 4th school like this that we have conducted in Billiri. We have a solid staff comprised of former students. It is the best team we have had thus far and we pray for a successful school. Please pray along with us!


Our family just got back from a 4 day Conference in Miango (near Jos). The attendees were SIM missionaries from around Nigeria. The guest speaker was the grandson of one of the first missionaries that went to Billiri, which is the town where we live. We'll share some of his stories in another newsletter.

Robotics Competition

We didn't launch many new endeavors in December. The community here is usually very occupied with weddings and various programs. One local pastor says he hopes Jesus doesn't come back in December, because he might not be ready. We usually devote most of December for family time, office time (which we never get enough of), and other miscellaneous to-do items that always get shifted to the bottom of the list.


One activity that kept us busy for the last months, and especially in December, was the robotics competition. This was our fist time doing something like this. It was a lot of work. But it was worth the effort. Here is the highlight video.


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