August 2018 Newsletter - Back in Nigeria Again!!!

For those who didn't get the memo, our family is back in Nigeria. Jillian is currently in Minnesota with Eric's parents and sister. She starts her 2nd year of Nursing school very soon. She spent the last month of her summer with Brandon, Hannah, and Adie.


Also, Family Newz has been revived. This is the section of our web page where our children can express the news from their perspective. It has had some down-time. But Emily has started putting updates there as well.

As a side note, our family has deep gratitude for the individual who donated money last year so that we could get a new generator. They probably want their name kept confidential, but THANK YOU!!!. It is running well and is strong enough to power our fridge and washing machine and a few other things simultaneously. Our kids have named it Hercules. Since we've been back, our other 2 older generators have been to mechanic 3 times (each)  so that we can give Hercules a time off once in a while.