May 2016 Newsletter

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It is hard to believe that the three littles and I have been in the States for almost a month.  We have had a good time catching up with friends, supporters, and churches.  I was also able to attend our fellowship’s conference in Seattle. That was a great time of connecting with pastors and fellow missionaries from churches all over the globe. I never realized how much I depend on Eric to do all of our planning and connecting with people while we are in the US.  Now that I am the one doing the legwork I appreciate what he does so much more.  I am sure he is appreciating all I do for him while he is still in Nigeria without us.




Eric has been keeping me updated on the happenings at our educational center.  They have had several opportunities this past month to teach The Bible Overview at churches and a Bible College. They are in their last week of classes before heading out for outreach.  This week the topic is evangelism with lots of practical time out in the town sharing their faith with others.  In the afternoons they are all completing their final computer tests.  They leave for outreach this Saturday.




Jillian and Emily are still in Colorado with Eric’s parents.  They are working on schoolwork, knitting, mastering the rubix cube, helping and visiting with Grandma and Grandpa.  Jillian is babysitting and has gotten her learner’s permit.  The girls are learning what it is like to live in the US to help prepare them for college in a couple years.  They are feeling a bit homesick now as they have been separated from us for almost 3 months. We meet them in CO for Father’s Day.








#1  Ode has been helping us in our ministry since we began the school several years ago.  He helps in so many ways.  He is a teacher, small group leader, outreach leader, and much more.  He has been faithfully saving money for a computer for 2 years now.  He sets aside what he can each month.  He is now just $100 short of having enough for it.  Would you please consider donating to help Ode out.




#2 The current computer that Eric is using belongs to our educational center.  He would like to get a new one that is his own and leave the computer he is using with the school while he is gone.  Currently it is the only computer at the school that has an HDMI port that can be hooked up the TV for showing teaching videos.  If he brings this computer with him they will not have the ability to show videos to a large group of students.  They will have to limit the size of the classes and sit around one of the other laptops for teaching videos.  He is estimating that the cost for a new laptop will be about $500 for the components he needs to run the programs for the technical classes that he teaches. Will you please consider helping Eric out with a new laptop? This request is a bit time sensitive as he leaves with the students for outreach on Saturday morning, so if you would like to help with this please let me know by e-mail so I can let Eric know to leave the laptop with the staff at the school.






·         Safe travels for our staff and students going on outreach to Benue State, Nigeria. Eric will be traveling with them to get them settled


·         That many will come to know the Lord and those that already know Him be challenged in their faith through our students on outreach


·         Safe travels for Eric coming to the US on May 6


·         Jillian and Emily – strength is spirit as they are missing home – that their light will shine for Him in Colorado


·         Hannah as she makes wedding preparations








For all your prayers, support, thoughts, concerns, and friendship over the past 9 years that we have been in Nigeria.




God bless you,


Cindy Black